Knirpsenfarm on the grounds of the Green Campus Malchow in Berlin Lichtenberg

02.07.2018 – Von Alexandra Pfitzmann

The Knirpsenfarm is a farm in the middle of Berlin and accommodates more than 160 small and large animals on the school grounds of the Green Campus Malchow in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

As an open all-day school, visitors and hard-working helpers are very welcome. The heart of the farm is a cosy house, where homework help and events take place. On weekends and during holidays, volunteers are particularly in demand to take care of the animals fn the farm: helping hands are welcome without registration! Here live sheep, goats, mini pigs, degus, rats, leopard geckos, budgies, geese, ferrets, bearded dragons, parrots, rabbits, geckos, hamsters, tarantulas, pigeons, fish, ducks, raccoons and much more. Every day children can help with feeding and caring for the animals, create great things on sunday or take part in one of the many other events.

Knirpsenfarm, Grüner Campus Malchow
Malchower Chaussee 2,
13051 Berlin-Lichtenberg
Tel.: 030 925 39 65
Fax: 030 962 485 96