The Waslala adventure playground in the district Berlin Treptow Köpenick

– Alexandra Pfitzmann

The Waslala adventure playground in the district Berlin Treptow Köpenick is an oasis for children.

It offers plenty of space to play, a large farm area with many animals, a spacious building area where the children can nail and hammer until their first own wooden hut is built. Waslala is a place where imagination and creativity open the view to the past and the future, encourage and trust the children. A place that lives with and through the children, that is designed by them, with which dreams, joy, friendships and solidarity are linked, that is designed as a place of encounter in the sense of tolerance and mutual respect. The children's farm offers free and curative riding to its children.

You can admire small and large ponies, rabbits, pigs, sheep, goats, cats, dogs and goldfish. The care and responsibility for the animals supports social learning. Children can play on the adventure playground, romp and climb the boulder wall, make campfires, bake in the clay oven, take part in excursions and holiday trips, play table tennis, badminton, darts, etc., build and model with clay, look after the animals, sing and play music, learn to ride a horse and drive a carriage, work in the garden, play games, do handicrafts, jigsaw puzzles and paint, carve and carve in the wood workshop, take part in parties and celebrate parties.

It is important for the physical and mental development of children to experience adventures, to test their own limits, to run wild and to be able to get dirty in the process. Therefore, let your children put on hard-wearing clothes suitable for the weather! "Disorder" can also be an expression of life, imagination and creativity. For this reason, order is generally observed, but the design of the board stalls of the building children is left to them. In the hut building area, the safety of the wooden shacks is checked and children are given help with the use of materials and tools. At the Waslala, the children have the opportunity to have a say in all areas and to create their own living environment. They experience initiative, creativity, trust in their own ideas and wishes.