What we do

Children are the animal protectionists, consumers and decision makers of tomorrow.

In accordance with its statutes, the foundation is committed to animal welfare and nature conservation. A special emphasis of the activities lies thereby on the work with children and young people, in order to give them a responsible handling with the animals as fellow creatures. At the same time, therapeutic measures are taken within the framework of individual projects to alleviate the long-term consequences of e.g. illnesses in traumatised children by dealing with animals. Animal welfare education and visit programs for children and young people in animal welfare institutions as well as special educational offers in school facilities round off the activities of the foundation.

A responsible approach to animals and nature begins in people's minds. The children should learn the correct handling of animals and nature early on. Their future social behaviour and understanding of their own environment should be shaped in a sustainable way. In the meantime, through cooperation with the association aktion tier e.V., the offer for children has been expanded by offering special animal protection holidays and the provision of animal and environmental protection rooms. Altogether 21 teaching rooms for animal protection were furnished meanwhile, alone 14 in Berlin.

Animal welfare behaviour is determined by an existing sense of responsibility on the part of human beings. If this were available in a sufficient measure, many animals could be spared a painful existence. Ignorance and a lack of respect for fellow creatures and nature are mostly the causes of human behaviour, the effects of which have to be fought again and again. To start early in order to be able to act in the sense of an understanding for animal and nature is one of the premises of our foundation statute. Therefore, working with children and young people is the focus of our actions in order to convey this understanding and the resulting action to the generation of tomorrow from childhood on.